I sit upon this Earth
And revel in her choices
The miracles
That Nature makes

No strokes go wrong
She’s always right
And so I learn
What beauty is

I sit at home
And wonder in my choices
The disasters
In the life I’ve made

Some days are good
But most are bad
‘Til I’m not sure
What use it is

Then I recall Nature’s lesson
Forest fires and floods
Such things we think disasters
Sometimes it’s difficult to see
The beauty in her choices

Fire scorches Nature’s trees
(The only way
Some release seed)
Renews the earth
On which they feed
Such is the miracle of fire

I cannot know
What choice is right
Another made
Could be as bad

Or worse

While from the worst
I am renewed
Become enriched
And so I grow

I only have
The path I took
So when I sit and look
Upon my life

I try to see the miracle
In consequence
Therein lay the beauty
You see

The miracle of me

Monument Valley Navajo Park
Utah, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1996