Above the Sun

Above the sun

We were pushing hard to make Natural Bridge before nightfall, and would have made it. At the wide, flat bottom of the valley, with this mighty precipice I stand at the top of now ahead of us, I knew we had time. Even pulling 35′ of trailer with an engine prone to overheating at altitude, there was plenty of time to make the mileage. I just needed to be steady with the climb. A few short stops along the way, letting the engine idle back to cool.

But we arrive at the crest, and look back, where far below the last sun’s rays fall divinely on the Valley of the Gods. I feel a little bit like a God myself, sitting here on my perch above the sun.

I’ve turned the engine off. It’s been cool for a while.

Some moments are worth the inconveniences they create. We don’t leave until the sun falls below the horizon which itself is below us.

Moki Dugway
Near Mexican Hat
Utah State Highway 261
Utah, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1996