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Fabled Streets, California & Powell, San Francisco, California, United States of America

The Streets of San Francisco

Fabled Streets
Of San Francisco
Car chases
And cable cars

In nineteen hundred and ninety six
I take my 5th wheel down Powell
Forty-five feet of feelin’ cooler than
McQueen, Cage and Connery

Past the bottom
The truck’s brakes fail
So I drive the city streets
Using the trailer’s brakes

Impressing a parallel trucker
“You’re one of us,” he tells me
Eat your hearts out
Movie stars

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Above the Sun

Above the sun

We were pushing hard to make Natural Bridge before nightfall, and would have made it. At the wide, flat bottom of the valley, with this mighty precipice I stand at the top of now ahead of us, I knew we had time. Even pulling 35′ of trailer with an engine prone to overheating at altitude, there was plenty of time to make the mileage. I just needed to be steady with the climb. A few short stops along the way, letting the engine idle back to cool.