The colours of life

The colours of life
I love
The colours
Of life

The vivid ones
Of course
Neons and electrics
Brash and confrontational

The crazy-ass kind
I never knew existed
Never thought could exist

It’s half what I travel for
The explosion of new
And strange
And challenging

Then there’s saturation
The ochres and organics

The ones which bleed with life
The colours which make me want
To hug the earth

But I love too
The muted ones
The neutrals
The camouflage tones

These are the greater challenge
Finding the changes
The transitions
Which some do not always see

The little beauties

Like a thousand miles of desert
Or a straight line across the plains
Watching for the shifts
Of flora, fauna and humans

Even the smallest things
The most mundane
And seemingly colourless
Can make life seem so exciting

Near Mexican Hat
Utah, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1996