Finding the light

Finding the light
My spirit-guide once told me
Whenever you’re in darkness
When life becomes too cluttered
And your path seems all confusion

Just find the light
And follow it
You’ll find yourself
And be renewed

And so I tried
When I was lost
To find the source
Which lights my way

I looked to friends
And family
I went to sacred places

Hiked up to peaks
Then down the valley
And sat on many beaches

And though my pain
Was always less
When I was out
There searching

I never found
The light I sought
So still the dark
Was ling’ring

Until one day
I gave it up
This fruitless search
For light

I sat right there
And closed my eyes
And thought that I
Would cry

But as the tears
Were gathering
I listened to
My breath

In I breathed
Out I breathed
With each breath I
Grew Calmer

I let it go
My pain
The dark

I let it go…
The place
To start

For then I saw
Through my closed eyes
The light I’d sought
But never found

There deep inside
My beating heart
The light, of course
Was my own core

When next I saw my spirit-guide
I shared my tale of finding light
And when I told her where it was
She replied,

Where else would it be?

Over-Lynne Heritage House
British Columbia, Canada

Taken on location for “The Magicians”, 2015