Not all stormtroopers are bad!

Not all stormtroopers are bad!
“Not all stormtroopers are bad,” she said, coquettishly, while her legs circled, sort of like the trick of a lioness’ tail just before she pounces.

“I hope at least one of them is,” I dead-panned.

She giggled, “Only in a good way!”

“That’s even better,” I laughed. “Now what piece of armor will I have to doff in order to get a bad-in-a-good-way stormtrooper’s panties off?”

Her head turned, quizzically I think, though it was hard to tell with the ironically stunned expression on every stormtrooper helmet. “Don’t you want my roller skates?” Even from behind the helmet, her muffled voice feigned deep injury. “I thought you liked my roller skates?”

“I do. I love you for your roller skates. And that’s why I want you to keep them on.”

“Oh my!” She breathed, “you are a bad, bad stormtrooper.”

“Yes,” I agreed in my huskiest voice, “I am.”

Those panties cost me the rest of my armour. Well, just for the next couple hours, until I had to return to my post.

But she never did take off the roller skates.

Blood Alley
British Columbia, Canada

Taken on location for The Magicians, 2015