The Many Faces of Evil

Stormtrooper, Anonymous Street Art, Downtown Eastside, Blood Alley, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I am fascinated
By the many faces of evil
Or, rather, the masks
Put on, not by the wearer
But by the eye and imagination
By the prejudice and will
Of individuals
And the masses

Evil is, so often
A quality of the namer
Rather than the named

And I am
No longer surprised
When the mask
Does not suit
Its wearer

Anonymous Street Art
(With a bit of Photoshop ‘cutout’ filter help)
Blood Alley
Downtown Eastside
British Columbia, Canada

On location for The Magicians, Season 1, 2015

I love that the latest installment of Star Wars begins with the insight, not all stormtroopers are bad.