Sunshine Sunrise

Sunshine Sunrise
I rise from slumber
From darkness
Dawn light trickles in

Time enough
My phone says
For the walk

I lift myself out of bed
Pull on shorts and a shirt
Sling the didge over my shoulder

Some mornings I ride
Too little time for even the few steps
But, somehow, I never miss it

I am not a morning person
Several snoozes into a day
And I linger still, in bed

Except… here
Except Noosa
Where I wake, every morning

Without alarm, prompted only
By the promise of a sunrise
On the beach, with salt air

A light breeze
A lightening sky

Sand between my toes, and here am I
The drone of the didjeridu
Rumbles in my chest

Seagulls add their voice
To the serenade
As the amber sun crests

I am connected in space, in time
In sound and sensation
To everything

Sunshine Beach
Queensland, Australia

Taken during travels, 2009

This post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which this week is Happy Place.