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Yellow Chair, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sunshine ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #264

It waited for her
The little yellow chair
At the back of the house
In the little nook
Hidden away
From anyone’s eyes

Late afternoon sunshine
Filtered through
The winter boughs
Eaves and overhangs
Sheltered her
From the usual Vancouver rain

But today
The sun
Fell on
Her little sunshine chair

A cigarette
And long moments
Filled with thoughts
Without consequence
Smalltalk daydreams
To pass the time
In seeming silence
While she chattered
With herself
About nothing

Beside the red house
Which was all red inside
Though the walls were white
And the Late Colonial furniture
In browns and blues

A quiet little moment
Of no small function
Before returning to
The dysfunction within

A small, life-saving moment
Of manufactured sunshine
By the trickle of sun
Passing through naked branches

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Cloud 9 in 7th Heaven

One Word Photo Challenge: Cloud 9 in 7th Heaven

Fabian and I broke away from the pack, all of whom wanted to ski an area of Blackcomb Mountain known as Crystal Ridge. We wanted powder, and figured the best place to find that was higher, into the grey storm shrouding the Glacier Express as it ascended above the tree line. Snow had been falling sporadically, heavily at times, but for the moment it had abated. There even seemed to be some potentials for breaks in the dense morning cloud cloaking the entire mountain.

So up we went.