The pulse of being

The pulse of being
I once thought of myself
As mind
As a being who thinks

I believed thought
Was the centre
Of my being

Until I began
To sense
The presence of existence itself

To hear
The pulse of its heart
In crashing waves

To see
The trace of its breath
In rustling leaves

To feel
The rumbling belly of its hunger
In the cries of the lost

To smell
The cycle of birth, death and rebirth
In autumn’s rotting leaves

To taste
The perfect clarity of its insight
In the water running cold and slow in mountain streams

The insight
Came slowly
And continues to come

But I understand
That my being is in everything
And everything is in me

I am bound
Only by the thoughts
I once thought were me

Pacific Coast Highway
Near Santa Cruz
California, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Change. This just happens to be what the poem is all about. In fact, a sea-change — if you will.

Of course, it’s a photo challenge… but what changes more than the ocean’s ever-changing shoreline? And what changes it, but the pulse of waves crashing upon the shore?