Fly like a seagull

Fly like a seagull
I watch the seagull
Soar so effortlessly
Riding the air
As if its currents
Are visible to him

I wish, for a moment
That his grace was mine
That his freedom of flight
Was something I could experience

But then I take a deep breath in
With every successive breath
Connect a little more deeply
To the setting sun
To the calm, gently rippling ocean
Whose waters lap at the shoreline
While the sky goes from blue

To orange

To red

To indigo

As the evening star twinkles
In the darkening sky
My quieted mind reasserts
This mundane consciousness
And I think…

Perhaps it is the seagull
Who should wish he were me

Pacific Coast Highway
Somewhere South of Santa Cruz
California, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009