The Road Forward

The Road Goes Forward
Sometimes I see
Somewhere ahead
A place
I’d like to be

With twists and turns
I’m never sure
Just where
The road takes me

I’m never fussed
I’ve come to learn
The road
Knows what to see

Somewhere in Northern California
United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009

Inspired by Forward, the weekly poetry prompt by Poetry 101 Rehab.

Sometimes, forward means arriving at a different destination than intended. Take this image, for example. Looking through my many vanishing point road pictures, I happened upon this one, featuring a road which takes a sharp left turn right out of the frame. I imagined the place of misty beauty in the distance to be a place I would love to see closer. Alas, it’s beyond the bend, and the road ahead is obscured, unclear as to where it will take me.

The road may never take me to that pretty, misty place.

But… I’m confident it will take me somewhere I need to be, perhaps just as much. Perhaps, more.