Photo Essay: Sanding ~ Fire

(Continued from Violet)

“This one is very, very yellow!”

She winced a little as the plea in his voice tainted the photograph of the very, very chiseled man on her Tinder app. She gave the image a flick to the right, thinking, I’ll come back for you later….

When she looked up, toward the prancing little voice, she didn’t even see her date. All she saw was the blaze of colour.

The echo of seven staccato Ferrari-red heel clicks brought her to the flames raging on the gallery wall.

“Yesssssss,” she breathed as the last click died in the gallery.

“I think it’s a bit bold,” he intoned.

“Of course you do,” she rasped, taking in the fully saturated yellow, the way it licked like fire against the vigorous reds, as if trying to reach the luscious orange fuel within.

She clicked on her phone’s camera app while carefully framing the picture.

“I don’t think you’re allowed to do that,” he warned her.

“People have been telling me that all my life.”

She switched back to Tinder, adding the photo to her profile, thinking for a moment before captioning it

I want a man who burns with this kind of fire

Hovering over the submit button, she glanced over at her date, now mooning over an image featuring a palette of precious lavenders.

…a woman will do. Just bring me your fire.

She clicked the submit button, while clicking off toward the exit.

Fibreglass boat in dry dock
Britannia Beach
Sea-to-Sky Highway
British Columbia, Canada, 2015
The seventh in a series of photographs taken of a sailboat hull under renovation.

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These are also a response to this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV, this image representing yellow.

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