You and the Wall were never Friends

You and the Wall were never Friends
Some days
No matter how beautiful it seems
From the perspective you’re viewing
Or how comfortable you feel
Right where you’re standing

Ya just gotta stop
Take stock
And realise

You’ve hit a wall
And something’s gotta change

Go around
Climb over
Blast a hole
Do something different

‘Cause you
And the wall
Were never friends

But as long as you stand there
That wall is the only friend you got
And it’s time to breakup

Zion National Park
Utah, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1996

With acknowledgement to Joanna, who put this “You can’t continue on the same path while expecting different results.” bug in my ear earlier today.

While reorganising and re-editing some very old images, I came across this one, and after some major touch ups to bring out the vivid colours… realised… oh, wake-up … there’s the metaphor…