Post no ills

Post no ills
It wasn’t a completely conscious process, but the world and everything in it has grown increasingly beautiful since April Fool’s Day, 1994 — the last day of my Microsoft tenure and the first day of… I’m still not sure what. Amazing what happens when you stop seeking the ugliness, stop cleverly attacking it and the people it attracts, stop praising yourself for your cleverness.

It’s amazing what happens when you use your writing to reveal the beauty you find, when you allow it to reveal yourself to yourself. It’s even more amazing what happens when you keep an eye out for beauty, search it out. After a while the beauty finds you, has a way of coming your way. Instant karma.

~ Excerpted from Courage
  God Beauty Perfection Love :: Synonyms

Downtown Eastside
British Columbia, Canada, 2015

I won’t often do this, repost old texts for a new image, but I knew what I wanted to say with this photograph almost before I took it. Knew what the title would be. Wanted it to be a reminder of a promise I made for myself a couple decades ago. So, I repost the promise I wrote about in Courage.

A reminder to self: seek beauty, reveal self, post no ills.