The Beauty in my own Darkness, Castle Whitespire, The Magicians, Season 2

I leave him

As an arc of energy
From the light
Which taught me love
Into a darkness
I once feared
But accepts me
With a grace
And love
Greater than any
I have known

Even his

And in that moment
The darkness itself
Becomes light

The Beauty in my own Darkness
Castle Whitespire
British Columbia, Canada
On the sound stage for The Magicians, 2016

This poem is a snippet from a larger story I’ll just call Jane. It could be the beginning, or it could be the end, though I’m fairly certain it won’t fit anywhere in the middle.

More snippets are already out there on this blog, and others. Some of them are narrative, others more like essays, and there’s a fair amount of poetry. Most stand on their own, at least, much better than this teaser of a poem.

It’s a story I’ve been trying to write for quite a long time but setting its narrative to words is… well … difficult. I can’t promise that its parts will come together with any more clarity, any time soon, than this poem provides, even within itself. It’s tempting to provide some back story, just so you can interpret this poem’s intent. But… if it is indeed the beginning of the story, and not the end, then it’s perhaps best to leave it as a teaser until the next snippets reveal themselves.