Take Flight

Take Flight, Porteau Cove Provincial Park, Sea to Sky Highway, Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada
Ignited by an
Inner glow I take flight and
Rise free from his hand

Take Flight
Porteau Cove Provincial Park
Sea to Sky Highway
Howe Sound
British Columbia, Canada, 2016
Well, I really thought this one was heading for someplace just as pretty and uplifting as the picture. Little did I know, the words had other plans.

It’s an unusual poetic structure for me, ending each of the first two lines with a bit of a phrasing split — I usually put “an” and “and” at the beginning of a line — but I decided I liked the off-kilter reading and the assonance of the two words. Sticking with the assonance, I searched my mind for a word which would build on it. After discarding a few, “hand” struck home like a brick through a windshield: I immediately knew what line was meant to accompany it. <sigh> I resisted for a bit, but… well, you know what the Borg say about resistance.

So, it became a poem about finding the inner strength and courage to escape, the first step of recovery, about the changes that have to happen before true healing can begin.

Oh well, a haiku is supposed to turn its opening on its head anyway. And the narrator finds their way out, turns the abusive relationship on its head, so there’s that uplifting note.

NaPoWriMo 2020
Day Twenty Five; Poem Two
Fifty poems total

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