The Guilt in Her Eye

The Guilt in Her Eye
Who would I be
Without the guilt
In a sad, lonely eye
Reflecting back at me

Who would I be
Without the self-doubt
Without the self-pity
Without the self-hate

Which accompanies it

What if I could show
Myself the compassion
Myself the kindness
Myself the forgiveness

I offer so freely to others

This guilt
It holds me down
It strangles me
It smothers my spirit

A victim’s security blanket

It is what I know
The core of my self-belief
In the wake of traumas
Both given and received


I am shackled

Breathe again

I am fear


It is all God, he says
It is all Earth Lessons




Listen to my heart


I hear my heart song


Learn the lesson
And move on

It sings

Who will I be
In the light of my own being
In the gratitude of self-forgiving
In the warmth of my own love

I will be love
I will be light

Who am I
In the light of all beings
In the compassion of all forgiving
In the grace of all loving

I am love
I am light

It is all God

And here am I
One with God

The Guilt in Her Eye
“Resist” Poster
BC Sugar
British Columbia, Canada

On location for Fringe, Season 5, 2012