Buddha Subduing Mara, Wat Shri Chum, Sukhothai, Thailand


In the blurry fog
Of Western Christianity
In which there seemed
Oh so much hypocrisy
The gentle touch
Of Eastern thought
Guided me
Along a different path
Straight to the core
Of Christ’s own heart

Buddha Subduing Mara (Evil)
Wat Shri Chum
Sukhothai, Thailand
Ancient Capitol of Siam

Taken during travels, 1995

I wouldn’t call myself a Buddhist or a Christian. If anything, I’m most inspired by Daoism in my personal and spiritual development. However, it was particularly in response to encounters with Buddhism — especially while travelling through SE Asia in 1995 — that I began a transition from dogmatic atheism (to which I’d fled from my Catholic upbringing) to a more spiritual way of being. Buddhism provided, both spiritually and personally, both literally and metaphorically, the path toward my awakening. Along this path, I’ve learned a greater and more nuanced appreciation for the teachings of Christ, if not the religion of Christ.