Beneath an Unblinking Eye

Langley, British Columbia, Canada
In the light
I am caught

It hangs there
No rotor wash
No engine sound
A not quite motionless
A spectacular
Unblinking eye
Staring at me

And I
So vulnerable
A thousand yards
Of waist high grass
From cover

Then it blinks
Out of existence
With no more than
A subtle whoosh
And a rush of air
Ruffling the tall grass

In the darkness
I measure my relief
Against the recognition
That perhaps I
And the rest of my planet’s
Matter not at all
To the beings piloting
That strange craft

I feel reduced
To the significance
Of a gnat

Light and Mist
British Columbia, Canada

On location for Zoo Season 2, 2016

In response to Out of this World, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.