Black Kite

Black Kite Over Red Fort, Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, New Delhi, India
Black kite soaring
Red Fort domes below
Smog smothering all

Weakened sun
Weakened lungs
Weakened resolve

Beauty and ugliness
Joy and hardship
Kindness and predation

This land of extremes
This country of paradox
Creating beauty from ugliness

Taking memories
Words and photos
Homeward bound

But changed
Still changing
Unforeseeable changes

Every time
I touch
This keyboard

Black Kite over Red Fort
Chandni Chowk
In Old Delhi
New Delhi, India

Taken during travels, 2017

On the morning of my last day in India, I was treated to a glorious sunrise, made all the more beautiful by the choking, smoky fog spread thickly and uniformly across most of northern India. This place of contradictions.

The poem’s stanzas reflect, in order,

  • What I saw that morning
  • How I felt that morning, ready to return.
  • What I experienced in India
  • Why I’ll be sorting this experience out for some time yet.
  • The memories and photos flew home with me. The worlds are still finding their way, one post at a time.
  • India is not the kind of place one returns from untouched.
  • And, of course, it speaks loudly to me every time I begin to write. And, every time, I change a little more.