Ganga Calm

Travelling a land
Of extremes in high contrast
Of crowded bustle
Brown noise and car horns
Confined in concrete chasms
With slivers of sky

I arrive in Rishikesh
Where the Ganga
Gently exits
The Himalaya

Heave a sigh
Breathe deeply
And collect myself
On the riverbank

Purifying Ganga
The Ganges River
Uttarakhand, India

Taken during travels, 2017

There’s that moment, you’re sitting in your breakfast nook with a coffee and a book, settled in and relaxed, the picture of peaceful Sunday morning calm, when the refrigerator turns off.

In its sudden absence, you finally hear the hum of the compressor. You hear it in the micro tensions of your muscles, as they now begin to relax. You hear it in the calm of the room, as you draw a long breath and discover a deeper peace to be found within. In the quiet of the moment, you realize the disquiet of a moment ago.

There is something so elementally peaceful in the presence of a river winding its way through the mountains.