Emergency Use Only

Emergency Ferry Terminal, Porteau Cove Provincial Park, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada
The rain came hard
The mountains came down

In torrents
Of mud
And rock
And trees

Wiping away bridges
Wiping away people

The road broke down
So access broke down

For weeks and weeks
Only the long
Long long
Long way around

So we built stronger bridges
And a place to load ferries

Now the rain comes hard
And the mountains come down

But the bridges stand strong
So no ferries need come

But we do
With our cameras
And our phones
Our road-weary bodies

We come to take in
The mountains
And the clouds
The calm rippling sea

Though, when the rain comes hard
We do not come, at all

Not in the heavy rain
Not unless the bridges fall

For emergency use only

Or when there is
A perfect moment

Emergency Ferry Terminal
Porteau Cove Provincial Park
Howe Sound
Sea to Sky Highway
British Columbia, Canada