30 Seconds

The light falls fast
While I setup the camera
Darker and darker
As I extend tripod legs

Quick glances to the valley below
Hoping for enough light
To capture the clouds in the valley
To find detail in the trees
And the valley mist

Finally, set up
And capturing frames
When I begin to notice
As one light fails
Another rises

A world reveals itself
Unnoticed in the daylight
As electricity
Lights up the night

Homesteads in the trees
The town in the distance
Obscured by clouds
And a curvy backroad
Heading out to the river
Receding in darkness and scale

On it, a single car
High beams up
Lays out a 30 second string
Of pure golden light

Headlights in the Valley
Cheakamus River Valley
From Tantalus Lookout
Sea to Sky Highway
Near Squamish
British Columbia, Canada


For Cee’s Which Way Challenge, November 30 edition.