Dimmed Lights

Dim Lights in a Dark Room, Crease Building, Riverview Mental Hospital, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
My heart goes out
To lights dimmed
Residing in
Dark places
Their power
Long relinquished

A pattern played
Their brightness seized
Turned back on them
A harsher light
By broken souls
Who feed on other’s weakness

I say to them
Lost in their shadows
Please find the will
Here, take my hand
We’ll walk away
And won’t go back

He’s taken all
Your light, you see
He’ll never give it back
A hole as black as any

But look inside
The real light’s there
It’s yours to have
And yours to give
No one can
Take it from you

Unless he leads you
To believe
The light you have
Is only light
He gives you

Lights Dimmed
Crease Building
Riverview Mental Hospital
British Columbia, Canada