Sunrise, Pigeon Point, Near Santa Cruz, California, United States of America

Was there life before life?

I love the places which transport me
Back to a time
When all there was
Was rock
And gas
And water

A time before anything lived
And the closest thing to life
Were molecules
Which looked like
The kinda things
You built life with

Life Lego, if you will

I like to sit there
In that world without life
And wonder at the existence
Of a world without…

What might love
Look like there
What evil might
Lurk in the darkness
Would there be a purpose
To anything

I hold my hand up
Take in its stunning collection
Of organic molecules
And wonder

How important
Can I be?
And what of
The invisible hand
Which put the lego pieces
Comprising me
And why is this
Lego contraption
Something I’ve learned
To call, “Me”?

There was a time
Before me
And the was a time
Before any notion
Of “Me”

Pigeon Point
Near Santa Cruz
California, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009