Concrete Sculpture, Gabriola Mansion, West End, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


She looked at me


Through me

No no

She looked into me


She looked into me
Into a place
No one had looked before

Not even I

I felt it

She saw something
Something no one had seen before

Not even I

I felt that too


She saw what it was
Which would keep us apart
Which would keep me apart

Apart from her
Apart from everyone

She looked at me
With a sadness



A sadness for the loss of us
A sadness for the loss of me
A sadness for me

What she saw
Was the kernel of fear
Which ruled me

Had always ruled me

Would always rule me

She leaned in
Kissed me gently
Cradling my cheek in one hand

Then whispered in my ear

It is only fear
It is not you

She withdrew

Looked into me again

It need not be you

Then I saw
Deeply into her
Into her sadness

A sadness not for me
Not for what I was
But for what I saw
And how I saw it

A sadness not for a kernel
Of immutable fear
But for my seeing fear
As immutable

I collapsed

Into her arms

And when she could
Gently wipe the tears
From my eyes

I saw in her eyes
The love

Her love


The love my fear
Had never let me see

Concrete Bas Relief Sculpture
Gabriola Mansion
West End
British Columbia, Canada

Taken last night on location for The Magicians, Season 2, 2016