I have learned
There is peace to be had
In any given moment

I close my eyes
Breathe, consciously
And bring up an image
Of tranquility

A memory
A fantasy
A painting
A scene

Hold that in my mind

Breathing in
Breathing out

Clear my mind
Of all that is not
All that is not that image

I let unrest float away
On the gentle breeze
That is my breath
Breathing out

Breathing in

Soon the unrest is gone
The stress
And the anxiety
Whither down to nothing

I practiced this
Then after a time
I did not need the image
Just closed eyes and breath

I practiced that
Then after a time
I did not need the darkness
Only the breath

I practiced that
Then one day realized
Had become my way

As much a part of me
As a breath

As essential
As natural

An expression
Of my being

As it always was
Had I come
To have known

Sunset & Seagull
Pacific Coast Highway
Near Santa Cruz
California, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009