In another time

Derelict Pier, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada
In another time
When the ships sailed in
And the ore shipped out

In another time
When the pier was planked
And we sailors came

In another time
Oh so long ago
In a world now lost

I met my love
In another life
And she died right here

She was in my arms
Shed a single tear
Then her eyes went cold

The truth hit home
Like an atom bomb
When I stood right here

In a present time
In a life now lived
I found that love

She stands right here
She grips my hand
And then she says

“In another time
I stood right here
When the fire came

“It took my life
And the last I saw
Was your grieving face”

I kissed her then
In this present time
The love I’d lost
That I’d found again

There’ll be another time
When we stand right here
Remember love long past
And know that love always lasts

Derelict Pier
Sea to Sky Highway
Howe Sound
Britannia Beach
British Columbia, Canada, 2016