Violets and Peonies

Violet and Peony Abstraction, Lichen on Granite, Hope Slide, Nicolum Valley, Cascade Mountains, British Columbia, Canada
The violets
And peonies
Blooming under
Willow trees
There ruffled by
The summer breeze

To pick them now
Would be a sin
Though lovely vase
I’d put them in
No matter rooms
They’re brightening

They’d last a day
Or maybe two
Their colours fail
Sweet scent will too
Then petals fall
From stems untrue

But if I leave
Them where they bloom
Set out a chair
Or maybe two
A glass of wine
And one for you

Then many weeks
Enjoy the flowers
On summer days
With evening showers
The wiser course
Say higher powers

Lichen on Granite
Hope Slide
Nicolum Valley
Cascade Mountains
British Columbia, Canada

Taken during travels, 2016