Idyllic Scene, Paul Lake Road, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

I wonder why I live in the city
With its noise
Both visual and aural
With its go-go-go
And its stresses
Its meanness
And petty heartbreaks

I wonder this
Whenever I enter the idyllic
A place of peace
Where time is kept
By the movement of the sun
The seasons
Where change is driven
By the needs of nature
Rather than the pace
Of technology
Of politics
Of corporate commerce

But after a few days
Of time to be present
Of time to be self
I begin to miss
The pace of life
The hubbub of humanity
The arts
The lights
The ambition
The endless possibilities
As yet unexplored
As yet unimagined

So I drive back to my city

Sometimes, wondering
As the dirt road
Becomes pavement
Becomes highway
Becomes freeway
Becomes dense city streets

Is the shortcoming
Which brings me back to the city
In the idyllic place
Or myself

Paul Lake Road
British Columbia, Canada

Taken during travels, yesterday, 2016