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Morning Fog, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, California, United States of America

The Fog

In the morning, the fog
Commuters fill the lanes
On their way into the city
They cannot see
But know too well

It’s there
In the haze
Diminutive towers
Shadows beneath a piercing sun

As they are shadows
Piercing the shroud
Beneath a sky of mottled blue

In the evening rush there will be no misty cover
Crystalline clear; hard-edged architecture

Though the fog lays still upon commuters

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Night Owls, Bar Mendizabal, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain copy

Quiet ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #189

In the small hours of the night
Somewhere between the last “sweet dreams”
And the alarm clock’s insistent chatter
I like to go out into the city

These quiet hours
In the quiet streets
Shared by a few other strays

When being alone in my own skin
Offers a kind of camaraderie with other lone souls

Being alone in their own skin

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Idyllic Scene, Paul Lake Road, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada



I wonder why I live in the city
With its noise
Both visual and aural
With its go-go-go
And its stresses
Its meanness
And petty heartbreaks

I wonder this
Whenever I enter the idyllic
A place of peace
Where time is kept
By the movement of the sun
The seasons
Where change is driven
By the needs of nature
Rather than the pace
Of technology
Of politics
Of corporate commerce