In a time before…

Rocky Shoreline, Pacific Coast Highway, Northern California, United States of America
In a time before consciousness
When there was only
Physics and chemistry
When the Earth was only
Atmosphere and rock and ocean

There was the great sea of hope
Dashing upon the rocks
Settling in little pools
Where intrepid molecules linked
Carbon to carbon
With oxygen and hydrogen

Until the possibility of life
Became inevitable
And the inevitability of consciousness
Became possible

Here I stand
On the shoreline of probability
Holding a lottery ticket
Which took a few billion years
To pay off

Rocky shores
Pacific Coast Highway
Northern California, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009

April is National Poetry Month and I am participating in the National Poetry Writing Month challenge (NaPoWriMo) — 30 poems in 30 days. Although, I’ve gotten a bit ahead — this is already #34. =)

All the poetry I write for National Poetry Writing Month can be found tagged as #NaPoWriMo.