Deep Cove, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

To be Love

There was something
In the forest
So bright
Seemed like night

White hot
Without heat
And it purred
The way
A dragster purrs
For the glove
To drop

My mind wanted
To run away
But my body
Was no longer

And then the purr
Became a roar
And all there was
Was light
And the sense
Of falling
Into a deep

I fell
Until I
Became the light
That’s when
I knew
The bullet
Had found
My heart

Life was ending
Life was beginning
What was manifest
Became real
Returned to spirit
Returned to energy
Returned to light
Returned to love

But would soon

Without memory
Without remorse
Without attachment
Without guilt
Without anger
Without hatred
With utter freedom
To be love

Deep Cove
North Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada

On location for Zoo, Season 2, 2016

April is National Poetry Month and I am participating in the National Poetry Writing Month challenge (NaPoWriMo) — 30 poems in 30 days. Though, I’ll no doubt write more than 30. 😉

All the poetry I write this month can be found here.