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No Stony End

Young conifer
Which set down roots
Some few years ago
But now exposed
By desert rains
And so it seems
To cling to Earth
While off beyond
The hoodoos laugh
At upstart pine

You see
The mighty columns say
This once was plain
Withered away
Exposing us
The roots of Earth
Soon enough
More rain will come
Erode the land
You’re rooted on
Until you fall
Then come to rest
As dust beneath
Our hoodoo feet

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Snowfall, The River of Golden Dreams, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

The Fate of Snowflakes

Snowflakes make their way
Down from clouded sky
Carried by the fateful winds
To find a place of rest
Perhaps atop the matted grass
Or come to know the branch and bough
Where they paint such pictures pretty

Others find their way to gentle currents
Return to form from which they spawned
Then seek again the path to sky
Transform, renewed, to lightest flakes
And try once more for beauty’s grace