On a hot desert highway

Xinjiang Autonomous Region, The People's Republic of China
On a hot desert highway
No wind in the air
Half way across Xinjiang
I stop to photograph there

Loading up with a new roll
I click, advancing the film
The shot I take is of a shadow world
I’m astride my bike as if in another realm

Up ahead in the distance
Is a shimmering heat
The road goes on forever
The lines narrowing, vanishing until complete

So many memories I’ve captured
In an inadvertent frame
I’m the only one who’ll see them
For you it’s just not the same

I could tell you the stories
If you’ll just take the time
To read a thousand stanzas
‘Cause in this picture, there’s not even a line

Some hot desert highway
In the middle of nowhere
Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China

Taken during travels, 1998

April is National Poetry Month and I am participating in the National Poetry Writing Month challenge (NaPoWriMo) — 30 poems in 30 days. Though, I’ll no doubt write more than 30. 😉 All the poetry I write this month can be found here.