Backlit Moss and Branches, Stanley Park, Near the Hollow Tree, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
In the tangle that is my life
Intertwining branches
Of my relationships
With others
With institutions
With responsibilities
With goals and aspirations

With the dreams
I only allow myself
At night
Curled safely
In my own bed

Dreams in which I understand
What cannot be understood
Knowing every branch
For what it is
For what it means
For what it’s worth

Then hide it all away
With every wakening
From slumber
By choices all too

In the daylight
I see all the many branches
But cannot find the one
Leading back to me

Until I slumber
And realize in my dreams
Every branch
Leads back to me
The trunk from which
All possibility springs

And that is all they are
A cacophony of possibility
And choices
The tangled branches
Which all lead back
To me

Backlit Mossy Branches
Stanley Park
Near the Hollow Tree
British Columbia, Canada

Taken on location for Zoo Season 2, 2016