Tree of Life

Devil's Marbles, Simpson Desert, Northern Territory, Australia
The sky is source

sun, rain, wind
the seasons

And I?

I spread my branches
all grace and reverence

basking in magnificence

Devil’s Marbles
Simpson Desert
Northern Territory, Australia

Taken during travels, 1994

Reposted from my blog God Beauty Perfection Love: Synonyms, under one of several pseudonyms I use there, Peter. There, it is also titled, Tree of Life.

Please excuse my relative quiet this past week, both with posting and replying to comments. I’ll start catching up with those tomorrow. Also, excuse me for having re-posted so many pieces from my old blogs the last few days.

A pretty nasty flu totally flattened me for several days, and even a couple days after the worst symptoms finally abated, my brain’s still kinda woozy. Should be back to normal in a day or two more.

Thank you all, for you patience, your continued presence and also for your generosity with “likes” and lovely comments.