A very merry everything

Snowman, Christmas Tree Ornament, Christmas Tree, Family Gathering
Hoping you are all having a very merry everything.

It has been a wonderful day of giving, receiving, drinking and eating, but most of all… loving.

Peace and love be with you all.

xoxo ❤

Christmas Tree Ornament
My Sister’s Christmas Tree
British Columbia, Canada, 2015
I write this having just reached a milestone set for this blog earlier this year, something I hoped to achieve with it by the end of 2015. Today, Pix To Words has reached 500 followers on WordPress. Truly, the best gift received today.

Thank you all, so much, for the follows, for the likes, for the generosity and insight of your comments. Thank you for the time you have given back to me with every photograph you’ve lingered over, with every word of mine you’ve read.

From the center of my being, thank you all. Thank you for the gift of your presence, here.

Namaste, my friends