Kek Lok Si, Penang, Malaysia


Enamoured of Truth
And science
And knowledge
And politics
And justice
And philosophy
Was I

Filled with hubris
And righteousness
And anger
And cleverness
And vitriol
Was I too

Then I encountered Buddha
And the Dao, too

Slowly… still, ever so slowly

I am learning
What is ego
And what is me
What is hurt
And what is me
What is anger
And what is me

When I am clever
I am a fool
When I am angry
I do no good
When I unleash vitriol
I injure myself most

I am practicing
To sense truly
And disavow truth
To listen for insight
And let go of knowledge
To become compassionate
And let go of justice
To act with loving kindness
And let go of righteousness

Where once there was darkness
Now there is light
Though not enlightened
I am lightened

The burdens of life
Fall away
The lightness of being
Lifts me up

Kek Lok Si
“Temple of Supreme Bliss”
Penang, Malaysia

Taken during travels, 1995