Shrouded in the grey
Of sea mist
Of fog
Of cloud

I sit in the dunes
Shrouded there too
By the tall dune grass

I listen to the wind
To its effects
The rustling grass
All around me
The thundering surf
Far in the distance

Rock domes
Soar out of the ocean
Something hard and jagged
In the midst of
Soft and supple
Something black
Breaking through
The shroud of grey

Waves pound at it
But the stone remains

I sit there
Thoughts coming
And going
Blown away
On the steady wind
While I…

Resolute as the rock
Supple as the grass
Sit quietly
In the white noise silence

When I walk back to the car
I take that with me
Supple resolution
And continue the long drive

Pacific Coast Highway
Oregon, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009