Become a beacon in the dark

Drawn to the center
I try to imagine us
Each and every one
A point light of spirit
In our bodies manifest

Most drawn to center
Where all of us are one
But many lost in darkness
To drift beyond the crest

Out there find the broken
Filled with anger, fear and loathing
Seeing lightness in the shadows
But shadow has no light

Thus they act in madness
Or as some will call it, ‘evil’
Championing their shadows
Luring us to darkness

Out there.
Far from the light

But if we should engage them
Take the battle to their sphere
Then we will surely lose our light
Grow dimmer in our fear

Instead we should draw closer
To the center, to our light
Intensify our lightness

Become a beacon in the dark

Our power is the stronger
Let love draw them from their fight

Full moon
Queensland, Australia

Taken during travels, 2009