Old Man Rock

Old Father Rock
Old Man Rock
He sits there watching
Spinifex and gum trees
Emu and the wallabies

Old Man Rock
He’s steady-on
I sit upon him

At all that is
And ever was
And what it means
And what becomes

I watch with him
As grasses bend
In gusty wind
When this he says to me

The grasses and the emu die
They come and go
They’re just like you

Like cold and heat
Like sun and rain
In cycles
All repeating

To this I say
Time chips away
It wears you down
It’s weather’s way

But Rock just laughs
Then heaves a sigh
He looks at me
Then says (no lie)

Earth I am
Will always be

Sure, wind and rain
Do weather me
Knock the stone
Right offa me

Then grind the stone
Into the earth
But, sand I’ll be
Which, still, is Earth

Then, soon enough
The crush of time
Returns me to
This state of mine

While all that lives
Soon turns to dust
Becomes the Earth
As all things must

So when you die
You’ll someday see
A part of you
Transforms to me

Then time, my friend
Permit its work
Will grind us down
Time does not shirk

It lays us out
To be consumed
By living things
It’s what you do

And there’s the rub
All cycles turn
So what is me
May soon be you

But what is you
Is always me

Devils Marbles
Northern Territory, Australia

Taken during travels, 1994

A post inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge, which this week is “Pick Your Own“… so I picked “Weather”.