The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate
Sometimes I remember
The extent of my privilege
To cross a bridge
From here to somewhere


Without risk
Without consequence
Without desperation

Somewhere better
To be
Somewhere different
To see

Somewhere to connect
With what
I might be

Or might have been

Sometimes I remember
The origin of privilege
An accident of birth
Of geography, of class

A privilege to connect
With all that we make
All that we think
All that we are

All the world over

A reminder to self
Whenever I remember
That such privilege renders
Upon me a duty

To never forget

In forgetting
I disconnect
From all that there is
From all I can be

From all I can render
In service

To the unprivileged
Majority of Earth
Upon whose labours
And misery

I thrive

The Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco
California, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1996

A post in response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which this week is Connected, a challenge to show how two (or more) things come together.

I have also posted The Road to Somewhere Else in response to this challenge.