The moment not captured

Dave Matthews Band, Vancouver, September 1, 2015
Every picture tells a story
Don’t it?
I suppose.
But I know better

Every picture evokes a story
Evokes a feeling
Evokes a memory
Or an insight
Or a knowledge

Kodak used to claim
That a photograph captured a moment
But film only captured certain qualities of light
Not even the full spectrum my eye offers my mind

The moment is an experience
A memory
A thought
We attach to the image

This was a helluva concert
Dave Matthews and his band
At their best
I even like the photograph

But it does not capture
My joy
My ringing ears
The rhythms my bobbing head kept

It does not capture the music
Nor Dave’s passion
Nor the sweat plastered brow and shirt
Product of his efforts

It does not capture
The music
The wild rhythms
Sonorous melodies

It is an array of 0’s and 1’s
Interpreted by your monitor
Representing light funneled by a small glass lens
Onto an electromagnetically sensitive plate
Generating an array of 0’s and 1’s

I lived that moment
And even words cannot adequately describe it for you
But here is a record, a photograph
And all it says is, “I was there.”

And all I can say is,
“You should have been too.”
Because as moments go
It was truly awesome

Dave Matthews Band
Rogers Arena
British Columbia, Canada