I watched the white paint shrivel and dry
On the old shed out back

I watched it pucker and peel
In successive seasons
Of wet, then cold, then wet again, then heat
Since decades past

Until it reminded me of the cracked hard earth
Which was once the layer of mud
Lining the bottom of the drought stricken pond
From which cattle drank some months back

Until it reminded me
Of the cracked and wrinkled flesh
Surrounding the eyes staring back at me every evening
As I wiped the shower steam from the mirror

Just enough water, every evening
To wash the day’s dust from my body
But only enough to wash my trousers once a week
And not enough to save the steers

Old Shed
Britannia Beach
British Columbia, Canada, 2015
This post inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells’ wonderful One Word Photo Challenge. This week’s word is drought.