Tnorala Escape

Tnorala Landscape
In a land rife
With enigma and anomaly
Emu and Uluru
Kangaroo and Kata Tjuta

Tnorala rises
From a wide, flat plain
Dug out by a shooting star
Which fell to earth

A hundred miles away
I stand where ejecta fell again
Laying down hills
Rounded by time

From here I see
The grand spectacle of it all
Left to wonder at the beauty
Grateful to be here today

And not some 100 million years ago
When a meteor struck the ground

(Gosse Bluff)
Northern Territory, Australia

Taken during travels, 1994

A post in response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which this week is From Every Angle, a challenge to provide three photographs of the same object from varying perspectives.

In addition to providing three different perspectives, I’ve tried three different colour balances… one leaning to magenta, another to green, and a third with a more natural tone.

It’s interesting to me how a landscape format provides a different mood for the image than a nearly identical portrait variant. In the portrait, the crater dominates the image, even though it was taken from exactly the same spot as the matching landscape format. The landscape orientation, makes the crater seem much more a feature of a vast landscape.