Bon’s Off Broadway

Bon's Off Broadway
I found it in my neighbourhood
A decade and a half ago
A greasy spoon, a diner, a joint

A place to hang
To eat, oh-so cheaply
Ham & Eggs & Toast & Hash Browns
Just $2.95, all day

Bottomless coffee
For a buck
Sneak some home
To flush your engine

A place that wears its customers on its walls
Unabashed graffiti welcome here
So we heap on the praise
And the love
And petit wisdoms
“HOPE means it all matters”

And so I come
To Bon’s Off Broadway
For breakfast and Bon Mots

Bon’s Off Broadway
On Nanaimo, off … well, Broadway
British Columbia, Canada, 2012
I also wrote about Bon’s Off Broadway’s graffiti in S[HE] BE[LIE]VE[D]