The Sundeck at the Edge of the World

The Sundeck at the End of the World
That Nature
She makes you feel so small
When driving in the valleys
Along the water’s edge
Looking way up steep mountain slopes
To their ice-capped peaks

So climb up
Up up up
Where the eagles soar
And become like a god
Surveying all below

But Nature
She prefers you small
So she hangs the massive sun low
Beats its rays off the ocean
And the mist rolling between the Islands
Just so you know who God really is
And what it takes to be one

That’s Nature
And you don’t mind being small
Just so long as you can be there
In her magnificent presence
Soaking in all that glory
At the edge of the world

The Sundeck at the Edge of the World
Near Britannia Beach
Above Howe Sound
British Columbia, Canada, 2013

A response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, Forces of Nature