The red granite marble

The red granite marble

The red granite marble
Rests in his bed of grasses and rock
In the gum tree’s shadow

A marble that never rolled an inch
Nor was shot from a giant’s thumb
Nor tossed by demonic whim

Sitting here in the sun
Sturdy as the crystalline block
He once was on this very spot

Time and wind and water
Chipped his edges
Rounded his corners
Smoothed him, little by little

For eons
Until he was
A block no more

Just a red granite marble
Sitting here, in the sun
With his new friend, the white gum

Seeming like the devil’s toy
To passers-by
Whose lives pass by
Too quickly to be smoothed

Devil’s Marbles
Northern Territory, Australia
Taken during travels, 1994

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A response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, Forces of Nature

The Devil’s Marbles rock formation is found in Australia’s Northern Territory, between Katherine and Coober Pedy. They were formed over millions of years from a bed of granite which crystallized as it formed into huge blocks. These blocks were rounded over the course of millions of years by spheroidal weathering.